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Hosting a static website in a minute for free with

Tue 25 August 2020 By Arulmurugan Rajaraman comments is a simple and straightforward static content hosting service. Learn complete information about in this guide.

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Ubuntu: Install PostgreSQL and pgAdmin

Sun 09 August 2020 By Arulmurugan Rajaraman comments

Installing PostgreSQL and pgAdmin on Ubuntu can be a trouble at times. Here are the steps to guide you on the installation process.

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Git for beginners

Wed 22 June 2016 By Arulmurugan Rajaraman comments

This presentation explains the basic git commands and their usages.

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Deploying Django application on Openshift online for free

Thu 17 March 2016 By Arulmurugan Rajaraman comments

Deploying a Django application involves some configuration whichever the hosting provider is. This is a step-by-step guide explaining how to deploy your Django application to Redhat Openshift for free.

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Getting user timezone from IP in Django

Wed 04 November 2015 By Arulmurugan Rajaraman comments

Sometimes we might need to filter content based on the user's timezone. This guide explains how to find user's timezone in Django.

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